Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Updates 2014

Merry Christmas to all!

I neglected to send out Christmas cards this year. Time literally got away from me! Apologies to all, but here is the "online version" I just whipped up for you. Imagine receiving it in the mail and hanging it on your fridge so you can look at us all year!

We've had a very full year, while at the same time, it's been very normal and sort of boring on the whole. We've enjoyed 1 full year now of living in Chesapeake. With our awesome outdoor space, we've hosted more large parties than ever before. It is not uncommon to have 20+ (or 30+!) people here on an almost monthly basis. 

Most of our days are occupied with homeschooling, baking cookies (my new hobby), chasing after our new kittens, Huck & Sawyer, and extra curricular activities like piano lessons and sports practices. I still watch Sonny (4) & May (3) every day, and they add smiles to our daily life also.

The kids "about me" pictures on the side bar of this blog will tell you a bit about their favourite things, if you want to check that out:-)

We didn't do much travel this year, but did make a "quick" (two week) trip up to the Toronto area for an extended family reunion, and some good visits with my Grandpa, my Mom (who flew in for the reunion), other extended family, and my sister Lauryn, who is a gracious host to us "crazy Americans". The 13 hour drive seems short(ish), now that the kids are older and much better at handling that much time in a vehicle, so we anticipate making that trip a fun summer-ly tradition.

Brian has been giving 110% to his job, as always. He's an excellent advocate for the guys that work for him, and the company has been seeing some good work come in, and positive changes occurring over all. The industry (commercial construction/contracting) seems to be stable, in general, which is good news, as they have plenty of work to bid on. He is honourable in a profession that is usually less-than, which often equals a burden that he must take on personally. When others fall short on responsibility, he is always there to pick up the slack. We are exceedingly proud of all he has accomplished in the 6 years he has been there.

Thank you all, friends and family near and far, for loving us, praying for us, and laughing with us. We are blessed, and thankful. We appreciate you all so much, and wish so much that words could adequately convey how grateful we are for each of you.

Enjoying the journey, 

Brian, Darla, Kenna, Brooks & Grey

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