Thursday, December 18, 2014

All About Brooks

A brief Q & A with Brooks, who is currently 7.5 years old

Favorite colour?: Green, blue & pink

Best Friend?: The Parkers, The Buttons, and The Curtis' and Ella

Favourite Food & Drink?: I like the-sagna, and pizza, and I love BLT's too, and pasta. OH! And ravioli! With root beer

Favourite Movie?: Big Hero Six, I'm not copying Kenna, I really do like it

Favourite Subject?: Science, because I like to learn about animals and stuff

Favourite thing to do?: Play

Favourite app?: Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds, Sonic Jump and Minion Rush, and the story book Bible one

What will your next birthday cake be?: Calvin & Hobbes

What is the best thing about your family?: That Dad loves me, and you Mom

What is the best thing about having a brother and a sister?: I like Kenna, sometimes she's nice, and Grey likes to play cars with me, and sometimes Wii and boardgames with me. And I also like that Kenna lets me play with her Playmobil

What is the most memorable moment of your life?: Finding a dollar on the sidewalk

What do you want to be when you grow up?: A worker like Daddy

Favourite sport?: All the ones I play, which is, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and I do like tennis and golf. I really want to play table tennis though

What is your best advice?: Help people clean, help people rake the yard, help people pick up pine cones or gumballs because how 'bout if you go barefoot and you step on them. And always ride in a car, and not in a plane. How about if the plane runs out of gas, you'll fall from the sky to death, but if your car runs out of gas you just have to walk a mile

Height: 50 inches (in the 59th percentile)  Weight: 53 lbs (44th percentile)

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