Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Kitty Cookies

Well, Hello, Kitty! When Kenna saw the cake I made for Ardyn's birthday, she was inspired with a theme for her own. A few mental issues arose for me - cakes take a lot of  "last minute" attention. You can't decorate way in advance, or it wouldn't taste fresh:-/...and her birthday is a busy one this year, since we will be at the Awana Games. I decided to go a different route - cupcakes and cookies. Cookies can be made in advance and frozen if needed!! And cupcakes can be made in advance, and just iced at the last minute, no problem. Last week, I made a little topper for the cupcakes out of melted chocolate...which is very "drippy" and doing a small design like this was really pretty hard actually! Anyway, I printed a pic of the face from the internet, and traced over it. They turned out pretty cute I think!

Now the cookies!! I have only made sugar cookies with royal icing 2 other times. So I am by no means good at it. My other designs were solid - and not tricky - so I learned a lot in this process. My go-to reference site was this one. The woman is an artist. The cookies are unreal. I should NOT have showed Kenna pics of her cookies before attempting my own!! I used the "basic sugar cookie recipe" from her site, and it's tasty! (I thought I had almond flavouring, but I was all out, so I did vanilla, and they taste great!)

Knowing what I know at the end of this adventure - the consistency of my icing was a little too stiff here.

In a certain sense, its not time consuming - time spent actually decorating the cookies. But there is tons of drying time involved. I made these over a process of 4 days (storing in ziploc bag to maintain freshness)

I made some errors with that bow in general.

Tried to fix by re-defining the bow

The next day morning they were hard!

Doing this as my guide, so I put the "things" in the right place every time

I applied the various parts of her face with a toothpick, it was easier for me to maintain control than using a pastry bag

Can you spot the 2 with BIG eyes? All three kids noticed right away. Haha. A little more icing blobbed on there than I was anticipating, so I had to make the best of it! I didn't have a single cookie that I had to throw away (aka eat) due to grave errors!

Other than my messed up bows, not bad, right! I definitely learned a ton doing these!

None of them are perfect, but they are all basically uniform, and cute, and tasty!

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  1. Oh my goodness, so cute!! I've yet to try cookie flooding ... maybe I'll have to come over for a tutorial :)