Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Good Idea

You know how at a party, someone has to volunteer to scoop the ice cream, and usually ends up with ice cream all the way up to their armpits? It just always seems so hodge podgy, while trying to get the cake out to the masses, and then of course there is the dreaded ice cream melting into the cake. Shudder.

Problem solved: Before the party, pre-scoop out the ice cream, like this:
After you'll fill all the cupcake papers, you can place them (ice cream & the cupcake paper) all on a cookie sheet, and store in freezer until serving (throw a plastic spoon on there too if you want).

This is easy, this is mess free. And bonus, it's easy to eat too. Spoon works, but so does just holding it in your hand and eating it that way. No spoon needed!

It really does streamline the process of the whole doling out of the ice cream. My tip of the day:-)

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