Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bye Bye Brass - DIY

So, this house is full of brass lighting fixtures. Which is dated. And well, brass.
I thought maybe we could do something with them - without spending the money to replace them.
Bye bye glass!

I decided to spray paint it, and I did not prime it first, only because, well, how often do you really ever touch a light fixture? Pretty much not ever. So I decided to just spray it, and used something I already had on hand from home depot. A flat black spray paint.

Hanging in the garage, getting sprayed and drying

All put back together. Doesn't it look like a *completely* different fixture? It's maybe not something I would seek out and purchase - but it does look pretty cool, I think! It was definitely worth the "trouble" of taking it down and putting it back up. It's maybe hard to relay in pictures, but seriously - this no-money rehab is making me smile.

Now look! What do you think? Now imagine this lovely fixture with a light grey ceiling, white trim, black doors and grey walls. Boom. (In other news: we purchased the rather pricey primer needed to coat all the trim, so it can be painted. Exciting!!)
With the smashing success of that "trial" run, I'm now going to tackle this one...

and this one! I'll post pics of them once they're done.

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