Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Count Down Is On

Another birthday countdown is on! Grey is about to be four. It just really actually blows my mind that all my babies are kids now. We've got past every single "baby-ish" milestone for all of them, from learning to walk to losing teeth. Grey needs to learn to ride a bike by himself...and then we've pretty much hit them all - there will be nothing new to do until they hit that "tween" phase. I don't know what comes new with that phase...losing molars and being better at video games? They've really all but grown up. No more baby stuff crowding every corner of the house. Can't say I miss that, really;-)

Kenna had just turned four 5 days earlier, and Brooks was still two. Still two. Can you even believe it?! He was so little!
On Friday we hit that 5 week window where the kids are "two years apart", being 8, 6, & 4. Even though they aren't. The world will sit right on it's axis when Brooks turns 7 in a few weeks:-)

Stay tuned for a {hopefully} epic Bumblebee cake. The robot, not the insect;-) I'm in the "mental planning" stages now, and it's quite the mental exercise! 

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