Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Wedding

The first wedding of the summer is a Kennedy one. The second wedding of the summer is a Bolger one. This will mark the 3rd time we've had double sibling weddings in the same year ('08, '11 & '12)!!...We figure this could happen three more times in the future...possibly even a triple wedding year. Yikes, right?! ...There are still 6 unmarried/unengaged siblings...The super fun joys of a large family!

Ok, so the engagement pictures for Dale and Lauren are in, and I love them! They were taken at the Botanical Gardens, where we had our Christmas pictures taken too. What fun to have a local wedding!!
Look what was in the paper on Sunday!
Sweet idea

Dale & Lauren will be married on August 4th


So happy for you Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle...and Neighbours!

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