Friday, March 23, 2012


While preparing lunch, Brooks instructed me no less than three thousand times that he wanted his bagel, with cheese *NOT CUT*. Do not cut it. Just leave it. I don't want it cut. Not cream cheese, just regular, not cut. The orange kind, but not cut...You get the idea? I certainly did. So I served him this:
Mom! I can't eat that, it's a huge block! We decided it was best for Mom to decide how to make lunch, and keep our suggestions to ourselves. As I took it away to prepare it properly, he said

"That was so humiliating! I can't believe you thought I could eat that"

I live to keep you humble my boy:-) Thanks for the lunch time laugh!


  1. I can't stop laughing! Good parenting too.

  2. LOL - kind of reminds me of Logan and his daily obsession "peanut butter sa-rich with honey on the top!" Heaven forbid the honey be on the bottom, and funnier still was that he was perfectly happy with the imperfect sandwich once you flipped it over. Lol...

  3. And was it Logan or Lehman who ate "hot cheese" daily for like, 3 solid years? :-) Lol. Sam-a-nich.