Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tim Hawkins Show

A few months ago, my brothers and mom made us aware that Christian comedian Tim Hawkins would be in our area in March. I told Brian when he got home, just as a matter of curiosity. Lets go!, he said. Well, you know we almost NEVER do stuff like this, so it was super rare and fun for us.

We rounded up 3 other couples to go with, and bought our tickets. Unfortunately one couple was struck with the flu that very day and had to miss it. So sad for them...because it was so hilarious!! Our faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much. It was a full 2 hours of funny! (It was a sold out show, and we were trying to figure how many people could fit in the church...we thought it was over 2000, hard to tell exactly though. It was quite the crowd!)

I've seen a few of Tim Hawkins videos and some youtube stuff, but this show had lots of things I'd never seen before: Thank you YOUTUBE. Here is the opening of the exact show we were at, at Liberty Baptist: A spoof of a Justin Timberlake song maybe? I recognize the tune but can't place it.

Again, from our show - My Big Pink Tractor (a spoof off Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean)
The third and final video I can find of our show...the Angry Birds song
And finally, this video is not from our show, but he did do this song for us, and it was SOOOO hilarious. The Kazoo made it. Colonoscopy, y'all


  1. Aw jealous me! Did you and Brian like him?

  2. We loved it! It was a blast. He is one funny dude!

  3. Oh he is pee your pants funny! How great that you got to see him in person!