Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today I had my annual obgyn appointment, (I know, I know tmi!!, but I have to put the story in context!), so I met with one of the midwives (not one that has ever delivered any of my kids), since they are all apart of the same practice. I'm somewhat "famous" there...not that one really desires fame in the particular area of birthing babies (gross). But I suppose it's my lot in life, so hey, I'll take what I can get! Brooks still holds the record for the quickest birth at the birthing center, I believe! And Grey's complications were a midwives worst nightmare apparently. But they love me! Jennifer asked how the baby was doing, and of course I said fine, he's walking, talking, etc.

She said "you better kiss that little face everyday, because he was seconds away from heaven" and telling me again how incredibly rare his birth complications were.

We love our little boy so much! We don't take for granted that we are able to kiss that adorable little face and watch him grow! So I celebrated him by letting him sip on my ginormous Route 44 Sonic drink, he loved it, of course:-)


  1. and did you tell her you also kiss the cheeks of your sister because you are so glad to have her for the last 16 years and now for a summer's mother's helper!
    We rejoice for God's goodness to us with Janessa and Grey! It truly is a miracle.

  2. I did tell her about Janessa in fact! Her shoulder dystocia was worse, but didn't have the prolapsed cord there too, so perhaps they even out right? Grey's collarbones never broke, so she has him beat!