Monday, July 18, 2011

Bedroom Sneak Peak

Kenna's bedroom is coming along. Brian has been extremely busy, so we haven't bothered him yet with hanging the rod system to suspend the curtains from, so that part is going slowly (also he needs to put one bunk bed up on top of the other!), BUT, we've got most of the wall decals in place...we still have a bunch left, and will wait for bunkbeds & curtains in place before we fill in any gaps!
They are very pretty!

It was time to get the dress and baby shoes out of the boys room, where they were still hanging as decor! The dress is so itty bitty, and yet, it used to be big on her!
In other news, we are also ready for school! All our books have been either ordered or purchased, and we are amassing crayons, pencils, composition books, etc! A new topic this year...FRENCH. We've already begun with our first of 100 words, Papa, Maman, la fille, le garcon, le bebe, le chien and le chat! (That's Dad, Mom, girl, boy, baby, dog, cat). I'm working on getting their accents accurate!
Here's some fun decor on our school caddy
And some cuteness on Kenna's desk too!

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