Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Christmas Pics

haha...Made ya look! Nothing to post yet, but, Sunday we had our family pictures taken, (the yearly Christmas ones we've done since 2007). We've done the beach, and the forrest/leaves in the past. So this year, for something different, we went downtown...I can't wait to see the pics!! I'm sure they took about two thousand of them, so at least 10 should be perfect right? Of course I can't wait to share them...but maybe I'll make you wait until closer to Christmas? We'll see. I'm pretty impatient, so I will likely not be able to wait:-) Let me just say, I LOVE photo shoot sessions. I am a huge fan of the "natural" style pics, instead of the "studio" style, that Sears/Penney's etc does. I feel like we've been super blessed with great memories and pictures because of our lucky connections with budding photogs, like Chani, Kari, and this year, Ben & Joy. I'm on pins and needles to see the results!

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