Monday, November 1, 2010

Just What I Needed...

...another little whirling dervish to come along behind me and un-do all the good things I do!
He got a hold of a laundry basket - folded. He pulled it over and gave it his own special touch

Argh! Clean clothes destroyed!

But he's just too cute. So I let him ruin my laundry. For today anyway!
Side note: We put an egg crate down on the floor - trying to give Grey a softer spot to try and move around. It's working! He's going smoothly from sitting to tummy - and almost back up to sitting again (he often gets stuck), and he's getting up off the ground and on his knees! No actual crawling yet though, now that he has a soft place to practice, maybe it won't be long. He doesn't like our hard floors:-)

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