Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Is...

...falling down.This is the version of London Bridge we sing around here. And how true it can be! Brooks, acting like a crazy hooligan, pulled the Jumperoo down onto himself last night. After seeing that all was ok, did I rescue the boy? No. Despite his pleas, I made him wait until I found the camera, and took a picture. "But he's pinching my face!" Too bad. If you don't like being pinned under babies and baby gear, maybe you shouldn't act like a wild man. How about them apples! Sympathetic Mom? Not so much. Good Mom? ...I'd like to think so :-D
When it all comes crashing down!


  1. Your post about "When you Die" came up on my reader this evening but it says that page does not exist when I try to click on it to come leave you a comment! Just wanted to say, that was an adorable conversation! A little grim, but I can understand Kenna's need to have such a convo!!! haha :) Hope yall had a nice holiday!

  2. hahaha! These posts make me laugh....I would have made him wait, too. ;)