Thursday, July 22, 2010


This week was VBS at our church. They just do a 3 day VBS (Tues, Wed morning & night, and Thurs). It's for ages 5 & up, but 4 year old can attend if the Mom is helping out! So that made lots of fun for Kenna, but Brooks was a little left out. They nursery for the other younger children, but he was far and away the oldest one in there, and didn't really like being in with the babies. He knew he was being gipped! My particular "job" was to be the banker/verse checker...and I let Brooks come around with me and hand out the tickets to the children after they said a verse. We called him the Ticket Master. He loved getting to be in the mix a little bit.

Monday night through Wednesday morning we also had some good friends come through town (3 kids!), so that added some fun to the week also!

Wednesday afternoon Kenna actually slept for her nap, she was exhausted. She woke up complaining of a sore neck and had a fever. It was already 4pm, and the Dr's didn't have any appointments before 5, so it was off to their after hours clinic to check it out. While waiting her mood improved and such looked much better, I was hoping I wasn't being a paranoid mom, but she insisted that her neck (not throat) still hurt. Sure enough, she has strep throat. She was incredibly disappointed by having to miss VBS on Wed night, but realizing she would also miss Thursday had her big eyes filling with tears that quietly spilled out. The doctor felt really bad for her and gave her lots of Silly Bands and lollipops, haha.

The plan for Wed night at VBS was for me to get pics of Kenna, her leader, her class, my costume, etc etc, since we didn't go, I have only a few pics of this year.

I woke up this morning all congested, so I am eating garlic, honey & cinnamon, and tea like crazy. I don't want to get strep :-/ This is Kenna's first sickness that is not an ear infection (she's had 5 of those). Brooks has still never been sick! Yay for healthy kids!

In the "Big Group" time, Kenna was selected to be the dice roller in the human Candyland game

Spending a ticket or two at the Candy Store. - pic "stolen" from facebook

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