Monday, July 12, 2010


This little guy is actually so NOT little! He has a veracious appetite, and it's been getting worse recently (another growth spurt perhaps, yikes!). He has quite the "runway weight" to maintain! I've been trying to get him to take a bottle, with zero luck. He won't even take it with Jello water or Pedialyte in it. The purpose of the bottle initially was for upcoming VBS. It will be much easier for me if he'll take one. So far he's not having it. But I would also like to add some rice cereal to the bottle, so he'll get a little more sustenance and go longer between feeds (especially for that last night time one!). Today I decided to just see if he still had that 'gag' reflex or if he could take rice cereal by mouth with a spoon. He devoured it. Wow. No learning curve there at all. Crazy boy! So with one round this morning, we'll try another at dinner. It just sounds crazy to me to be actually feeding a 3 month old, but what else can you do?

The after shot. Very little mess. He ate every last drop!

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