Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rock Star Cake

Brooks wanted a guitar cake for his birthday, and I was able to find a guitar shaped cake pan at Michaels, so here was my process!

I purchased a blob of white fondant. I had to colour it brown, black, and another shade of brown, for all the parts...I rolled it out over icing sugar to keep it from sticking

Chocolate cake

Covered in fondant

Cutting out all my shapes and placing them on the guitar

Icing is on, everything in place, and we're done! Except for the trimming around the bottom. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the strings any straighter. It's hard to make a line of icing that long without it 'breaking' or being crooked. I tried!

Now we're all done! It looks shiny in parts, as it was still drying...I used qtips with a bit of water on them to wipe the icing sugar off the black parts (it was pretty obvious)

Looks like a real guitar? Pretty close anyway!

The mess afterwards


  1. Looks awesome!! Don't you love cake decorating? Minus the mess afterwards haha :)

  2. Yes, I do love it. I really would like to take a class...someday, when the kids are a bit older...the timing of them now doesn't work with Brian's work schedule.