Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Country Boy Contest

*Since somebody doesn't have facebook, (C.S.), this post is for you;-) Check out Karilynn Photography, here. Kari takes amazing pictures!

There is a contest going on to win a Taylor guitar. This was Logan's/Kari's entry (not sure who would officially win the guitar...I think Kari would, since she entered the picture. This first picture is the one that was submitted. It was sort of a rushed job, as the deadline for the entries is today I think, and she only got back into town yesterday. Nice job! Looks like pictures from a CD cover, if you ask me.


  1. Actually the prize is a Taylor guitar and a nice camera! So they claim she'll take the guitar since she doesn't have one and Logan will take the camera because he doesn't have one! LOL

  2. Great photos...she is really talented!!! Sorry about the FB thing...still won't join. Dr. Sampson and I were just talking about it the other day (she's not a lover of it, either...and I figure if a doctor sides with me, then...) roflol!!!

    Thanks for posting!

    You should tell her about Pioneer Woman's blog (she's very famous now...maybe even a movie coming out about her starring Reese Witherspoon!)...the blog owner, Ree, has a photography section, and often has contests with great prizes! www.thepioneerwoman.com

  3. Love the pioneer woman's blog, she is so funny. Maybe if I were funnier, Reese would play me in a movie...hmmm...

    Fb haters unite I suppose, it's only inevitable that you get an account someday, or risk being completely uninformed as to the daily comings and goings of people you haven't heard from since 4th grade. :-) All kinds of drama is possible with a facebook account. Then we could have Reese play you. I admire your ability to withstand the pressure. I caved more than 3 years ago. Where would I be now if not for fb?

  4. If it weren't for FB, maybe Grey would have been your fourth child, instead of your third...

    ...just sayin'. ;)