Tuesday, May 4, 2010

K: Life Seen by Me

Since Kenna now has a camera, I thought it might be fun to post some of her pictures on occasion, and have her tell the stories behind them. All of these posts will be tagged as Kenna's Picture Diary, so if you want to find them, click on them in the label section towards the bottom of the blog, on the left hand side. I think her stories and quotes will be in italics, and I might add in my own two cents (for clarifications sake) in regular type. Enjoy!

An out the window pic of somewhere between our home and the store.

Why did you take this picture? Because I like to take pictures, it's my favourite thing I like to do and I need to show Daddy where we went to get batteries

oh yah! I took this with my cami-yah (camera) of baby Greyson

That's the be-mote (remote control) Why did you take that picture? Because I wanted to, I wanted to take a picture of it

That's Brooksie's new computer that he got. He loves it. I like to play logic games, 'cause we all share together.

Brooks' try, not bad!

Finally a picture where the camera was being held relatively still :-)

Stay tuned for future installments of pictures from Kenna's perspective!

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