Sunday, September 13, 2009


I know my posts have been few and far between recently...apologies! I would post more...but am lacking pictures, and I hate posting without pics. Oh well. The past few weeks have been very crazy and busy, and snapping pics has been on the back burner. Actually, as I think about it, I don't even know where my camera is at the moment. Shame on me!

Last weekend my Uncle and Aunt (and 4 kids:-) visited us over the long weekend from Ontario. We had a blast and were so glad they came to see us. We miss them a lot, one of the bummers of moving never get to see the people you want to often enough.

Another friend, in the navy, is leaving there have been lots of goodbyes and parties for him (will be back after deployment & training, yay!). Brooksie asked why he had to leave, and I said he had to go to the war, because that was his job. "Oh. Just like Daddy does?" Ummm, no. Not at all like Daddy does. Daddy is a fixer, so he doesn't go to war. Lol.

Brooks is becoming a man by the minute. He is obsessed with being a fixer (like Daddy), watching/playing sports (like Daddy), wearing hats (like Daddy), wearing tee-shirts (with no pictures on them, like Daddy's) etc. He is totally cracking us up with the things he says and does. Such a cutie.

The kids start soccer on Thurs, so we are super excited about that! I'll get some pics then for sure. I am actually helping coach this first practice as the Coach will be out of town.

I started doing childcare for Jack, every day. That has been an adjustment, as we are mostly/usually at Jack's house (about 4 blocks away, not far!!), but still, just rearranging life and laundry etc around a new schedule is an adjustment. It's actually great being at Jack's because my house stays neater since we aren't here to mess it up:-) Also, they have a fenced backyard which is NICE. And a dishwasher. Oh the little things that give us joy!

Brian is no longer the youth pastor, as of about a month ago, I guess. They had been looking for a full time person (which he was not able to do), and finally found a replacement. So that has been a transition and a change, and we miss it!

The kids started Cubbies last week and have 2 verses under their belts so far (God is love, and God created the heavens and the earth). They love their books and are so proud to do lessons with me so I will sign in it. Brooks is technically too young to do Cubbies, but there are only two 2 year olds in our church, currently, so it made sense to just have them tag along and try to keep up with the 3 year olds. So far he's doing great and loving it, although I definitely notice a difference in the attention span between them when I am reading through the lessons. She would sit forever and listen, and he wants me to hurry up and talk about the pictures etc. I think it will be a good experience for him when all is said and done.

I am almost 13 wks now (I just looked it up, since I am so bad with keeping track of that stuff!), and I have my first appointment with the midwife tomorrow. I am feeling well, hardly ever nauseous anymore, and slightly less tired although a nap is pretty much necessary to get me through the day.

What else? That is a quick update about whats going on, since my postings have been sparse. I promise I will get that camera out and get posting more!

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