Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Food

To celebrate fall, we had pancakes today, shaped like leaves. Yummy! Even though it's 86 degrees here today and the a/c is still blasting, we are still trying to get into the season:-) Since I wasn't raised in a warm climate, it's sort of an adjustment to try and celebrate all 4 seasons, when it doesn't feel familiar. Christmas sneaks up on us like crazy, just because it doesn't "feel" like Christmas season, to us Northerners. Not complaining about the temps at all! Just feels sort of strange to be telling the kids about changing colours of leaves, etc. when we can't see it happening. It's coming up on "Markham Fair time" in my mind...even though I don't have a fair to go to (I miss it! Especially!)...we'll just be happy with our leaf pancakes :-)

*Note: on the Markham Fair homepage, the last pic on the bottom (hay bale) is of my Aunt & Uncles house/farm. Cool. I just noticed that now...I wonder if they know?

Enjoying our food!

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  1. I was thinking about you guys! We're heading to the fair on Thursday for the day, then back for the demo derby in the evening :0) Can't wait!