Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Forest

Anyone who has been to my house, knows that our little property is practically a forrest, home to no fewer than 14 humongous trees. And we have a regular town lot, it's crazy. It's a "someday" dream to have all the trees removed, except for the Live Oak (all others are pines). This is an extremely pricey prospect though, costing as much as 20,000 to have them all removed. So until lots of extra money falls into our laps, we will rake pine needles! Brian and one of his crazy friends decided to limb some of the trees (giving us a little more light in the house, and also, preventing them from flying off and causing damage during a hurricane).

Let me tell you, those little branches look A LOT smaller up there on the tree than they do on the ground!! With the help of climbing equipment and very tall and scary ladders, they cut down some limbs. Really not very many in the grand scheme of things, but WOW. The dumpster is full, the yard is full, and the trees are still way too big and still have way too many branches!

Pine tree branches

Live Oak branches

Barely started and it's already full!

Watching them clean up some mess, completely blocked in the house!

Random: our friends have a 16 wk old Great Dane puppy. Brian decided to share Kenna's tiara with Kadence.

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  1. Hey Darla,

    I don't have your email addy on my laptop, so I thought maybe you'd see this comment and respond to my email address. We arrived...oh my we spent an hour looping around Norfolk when we left we were so turned around!!!! LOL Thanks again for a wonderful visit...I miss you guys already. Also, email me the link to the photos of the beach rental house for sale when you get a minute. Hugs to Brooks and Kenna!

    Caralyn :)