Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Last Hoorah

Today we went to the beach, as I knew it would be one of last days this season we would get there, before the water gets too cold. Now that soccer has started, we are past summer and on to least in our schedules. The weather will catch up soon!

Getting dried off

The water was so warm today! Warmer than I remember it being for a long time!

Ready for beachy fun. We went to a beach that is a 5 min drive from our place. Much smaller waves than the "popular" beach, and much less crowded. Last time we were here we saw a few jellyfish, but not today.

He runs to the water, throws in a shell or rock and runs back for more.

Best buds playing

Look! A huge feather!

Brooks' footprint

We got some caramel sundaes on the way home to celebrate. Or "caramelon ice cream", according to Brooks. Kenna told me "thanks, I just love the beach so much!"
I was so glad we got to go lots this season, and they (mainly Brooks) totally got familiar with the water and everything. Fun times, can't wait until next beach season!

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