Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being Gentle

Snuggling with Daddy, trying to "make him all better". They are basically like a bull in a china shop, trying to carefully climb on the bed, and trying to lay still, and trying to not knee/punch/kick Daddy's tummy. Nothing is ever that easy with toddlers! These pics are from Sunday, you can notice Brian's face is still quite puffy from all the fluids they pumped into him at the hospital. He's looking normal now and is back to work.

Brian is still in the process of passing the larger stone, which is apparently in his bladder so cannot be broken up. The other stone is still in the kidney and they are leaving it until it becomes a problem. The hope is that it will just pass (we have an rx for pain meds, so we won't have to go to the hospital again). Not a fun experience, but not the worst that could happen, in the grand scheme of possibilities!

Kenna insisted Brooks have a picture with Daddy too, but he wasn't really into it at the moment

This is what he wanted. He comes up close and says "'mile!". Then he wants to "see! see!" the picture on the camera. His first molar came through yesterday.

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