Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Closet Swap

When we refinished the floors, we decided to swap our room and the den. For a variety of reasons, but the main one being our bedroom was bigger, with two windows (nice and bright), and the den was smaller, and very dark (the only natural light is from the window at the top of the door leading to the back porch). We weighed the pros and cons and thought it would be the best move for the time being. We spend tons of time in the den/office, and almost none in our bedroom. And we don't mind going thru to the backyard via our room...maybe not the most ideal, but who really cares. So now the new den houses our computer and other office equipment, the kids tv, my craft supplies, the large futon, and the comfy green chair (from livingroom set). There is plenty of space. We are slightly more cramped in our room, but since we only go in there to sleep, it's really not a big deal.

So today I finally got around to swapping the closets around. The one advantage to the smaller room is that it has the biggest closet in the house. That is not saying much, as this house was built in 1952 and the closets are teeny tiny.

Old bedroom closet

Games storage up top

Pictures off the wall we tore down and other misc. things spilling out and causing clutter.

Things moved over to our new closet. I didn't really bother with the stuff up top yet. I guess I'll have to think about if I need the space for other things. It's a catch-all now, with my Willow Tree christmas nativity sets, the yellow pages, ammo, home video tapes, sparklers (?), and iron.

There you go. Clothes all hanging! Socks are kept in the over the door rack. We don't have enough dresser space for them!

This is what was in the other closet, our beach and sports stuff, mostly. Boogie board, the iMac (our backup computer in case something happens to this one. Works great, but it's older. It's saved the day before!)

I thought the games should stay. It seemed appropriate that all these things be in the den.

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