Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Then & Now - the Stats

The thing that made this recent trip so special for us, was the length of time since we were ALL together. We've come close before, but one thing or another prevented a complete "reunion". With so many schedules of so many people, it's kind of not surprising, right?!

So, the last time we were all together was November 2005...
Since then, we've added...

5 Spouses
16 (will be 18 soon!) Grandkids
10 houses
7 highschool graduations
1 university graduation
1 retirement
multiple near death experiences (thanks Brent, -no surprise, right?!)
1 car fire
1 song on the radio (Logan's band)
1 trip to China, and
1,237 allergies (all belonging to one person;-)

March 2016
The next we coordinate a big get-together, maybe it'll have to be on a cruise ship or something. You know, someplace big enough to hold us all;-)

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