Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Tides!

We don't have any professional teams here in our area, but we do have a few minor league teams. We have a triple A ball team here, and it's been years since we've gone to see them play with the kids! So long that Kenna and Brooks don't even remember going, and Grey has never been!

We had a little family night in 100+ degree weather, whew! But it was fun.
Another first, we bought cotton candy (the big bag!) from the guy in the aisle. The kids were pretty much mind-blown at that:-) Also mind blown over the fact that Daddy didn't want any - (of course Mommy did!). Sonny & May (and their parents) came too, so that was a fun thing to get to do together.
Brooks brought his glove, and a few balls came near us, but none that he could get. The Tides were losing badly, so we left in the 8th inning - the kids didn't understand why, but I explained my Dad's trick...

I've never seen the end of a sports game live, in my life I don't think...but I always beat the traffic out of there:-)

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