Monday, July 25, 2016

Kenna's First Cake!

Kenna is growing up! She prefers to be introduced as Kennedy now, so that all the new people she knows will call her her grown-uppy name. Aw. I still keep forgetting:-) She was recently given a ladybug shaped cake pan that her Aunt was getting rid of. So she decided to make us a cake!
She did everything her self this time, even the oven (using oven mitts for the first time), and checking to see when it's done/how much more time is needed. She's a pretty bad egg cracker, generally (Brooks is pretty decent at it, but she usually explodes them), but this time she lightened up on her touch a little bit, and she claims there were no shells. Bahahaha!
She made icing for the first time, and dyed it herself. She has played around with icing and icing bags/tips before when I'm doing cookies or cakes, so it's not a foreign concept to her to do the decorating. She did a very good job!
I was very impressed at her skill level with the decorating part. Because it really is a little harder than it looks, and for a 10 year old, and her first time attempting something like this, I was really wow-ed!
Here's the ladybug, all done! Kennedy would like it mentioned that her hair looks funny because she just got out of the pool to decorate the cake:-) I posted it on facebook, and she was happy to read all the comments and see all the "likes". So next time I need a cake...I think I've found my baker! It was perfection! It wasn't underbaked, or overbaked, at all!!

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