Friday, July 29, 2016

Cousins Birthday Party

We decided to have one big Cousins Birthday Bash one day. I think maybe it was Danielle or Liana's idea - and what a perfect one! I was unfortunately not feeling well at all that day, and Brooks too, so we missed out on most of the fun entirely.

The grownups took a whole pile of kids (all the ones old enough to enjoy this) to a "Play Until You Puke" place. Since I was sick, I didn't go, so I actually don't know where they went, because Grandpa told my kids that is what it was called, and they are quite insistent upon the fact that that's it's name. Lol! I think it was a bounce/field house of some sort. They played their little hearts out apparently.

We chipped in money to give group/family gifts to each kid, from each kid. They really loved that too! I think most of the details can be seen in the pictures!

Lauryn used her mad baking skills to teach us how to make fancy cupcakes

Jillaine working on the lunch, I think it was grilled cheese?
 Decorations were hung. And there were balloons. So you can imagine the fun level elevated with that, for sure!

Stickers to decorate the balloons

Cute lil Andi!

"Let it goooooo!" Here is Elsa, (disguised as MacKenzie), singing her favourite song

Shooter opening his gift

Grey & Kayla

Mattea (Canaan in front of her)



Mattea & Brooks

Mac, opening her gift

Via got a Playmobil present!

Lauryn's kids are excited to see what they will open

My kids seem less excited. Maybe because they aren't wearing party hats? :-)

We got Canada-opoly, and we love it! When we got back to the USA, it was the very first game we played (on the very first day we got back:-)

Looks like Andi got some play kitchen food!

Brent's blonde brood getting at their goods!

Playmobil sets for each child. Thank you Cousins, we love our sets!

I think she was probably more happy about the Elsa dress...

A simple animal set for the young ones. 
The kids (of the 14 that participated) seemed to be thrilled at the day and the gifts. Such a fun little idea, and a way to celebrate with family, which is pretty rare for some of us! Thanks for all the fun, Cousins!

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