Monday, October 26, 2015

Stewie Loves VA

The backstory in brief detail: Andrew moved to Virginia to attend "our seminary" (that was started by our church), and Brian hired him to work in the shop while in school. They became friends working together:-) And Andrew, who has an extremely deep voice, was nicknamed Stewie by everyone at work, because of the baby on Family Guy with a grown up voice. And it totally stuck. And then Stewie met Virginia, and that was the beginning of their love story...He's only been here in VA for 1 year, and has already married VA;-)

They had a wonderful day! The wedding was held at Virginia's parents home, in our old 'hood in Norfolk. Everything about it was perfect.

Guess who made all the cupcakes/gluten free "naked cake" for them to cut? (Bride is gf)

The program:

All the bread and butter was put out on this table. The dinner was a "soup bar" with many different soups and breads. It was really yummy!

The Gf Naked Cake!
They danced to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. Looove.

Just pronounced Man and Wife! You could see the JOY on her face!!! Stewie looked as cool as a cucumber - at this moment. He cried pretty much through the whole ceremony - Brian said it was just allergies. I said, oh sure, "allergies". It was super sweet.

See my handsome groomsman? He was, unbiased opinion naturally, the best looking one;-)

The kiss
Half of these pics I stole from fb - as always I neglected to get any while the event was happening. (half of these I stole from FB). It was a CRAZY whirlwind weekend, as I was helping with everything from the rehearsal luncheon, to making all the wedding desserts, and then I also did Va's makeup for the wedding. I haven't been so tired in awhile actually - 8pm could've been midnight, or that's what it felt like anyway. But it was so fun. And so nice to see two great people get married and start their life together.

I neglected to get any pics of Brian, or he and I together, though, I thought we looked pretty good! ;-) I know they'll be pics of him when the official ones come out, since he was in the wedding and all. This is the only pic taken of me that night.
Friends: Melody, me, Elizabeth (& baby), Amy & Chae.

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