Monday, October 26, 2015

Counters: Before

So finally!! After living in utter destruction for a week or so, after coming home from Canada in July, to living in semi-craziness until the flooring was down in August, we've been living in semi-comfort - somewhat normally since then.
Except for the countertops. We decided to go with a natural stone (granite), and with Brian's work connections we were able to pick "end of" material. Extra/leftovers from other jobs, and the price (although still a lot), is incredibly cheaper than normal pricing. But we just had to scour through their lot and find something we liked, that was a big enough piece to be cut for what we needed.
Having no water/sink in the kitchen is...not very fun. Although not impossible - still - not fun. I starting buying baby wipes for little spills, and we ate everything off paper plates and throw away cutlery - so I only had to wash the main dishes/pots/etc.
Not sure how many people can say they had to unclog their shower drain catcher from cilantro, but I can:-) And really, cilantro is way less gross than hair, so there's that.
These are a few of the before pics. I snapped these and the above video on Wednesday morning, right before the 1pm install of the new counter, and sink!

My dishwashing system - laundry baskets collect dirty dishes, and then we carry them to the tub for washing - and then back to the kitchen to be put away.

So this was Wednesday!! I'll post pics of the gorgeous new counters as soon as I get some nice pics!

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