Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mixed Media Art - Complete!

Well, I finished her! I was really impressed with myself on this one - she was flat plain paper (I traced her from a guide online), and I gave her dimension and painted on her hair;-)
Mixed media means you use just about every craft supply in Michaels. Lucky for my wallet, I already owned most of these, thanks to my other adventures and projects.
It took me awhile to get it all finished, but I was definitely working in stages. All told, it's probably 8hrs worth of time (not including paint drying time etc of course)

I just kept adding and adding and adding, until it felt right. And then I hit a point where I felt like I might be taking it over board, and should likely just stop.
It's hard to capture on camera, but I really love the dimension that exists on the canvas. 
I am totally in love with how it turned out. TOTALLY.
Though, not quite ready to throw myself into making another one;-) Although I am sort of inspired, I also can't draw, so I do have to find figures to trace online. I did however paint some of these things free hand, totally a first for me. And yes, I googled how to paint branches and grass, so I didn't mess it up:-)

I "hid" a few words in the painting, sunshine, smile, joy, rest, dream and fly. Happy, whimsy, and just fitting for this piece I think!

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