Monday, May 4, 2015

Brooks Turns 8!

This year Brooks chose an old fave. Look at this adorable comparison from 5 years ago, when he chose the same cereal. This is the same size bag, look at how much he's grown!
Brooks turning 3, and Brooks turning 8
He got a new bike from Mommy and Daddy, Spiderman Walkie Talkies from Kenna and a pack of gum from Grey
We had a big backyard barbecue - sort of a combo party for Brooks, and one of our military friends who just came home that very same morning. Welcome home! The invited guests were all the "Spartan racers"/workout group. We had quite a crowd - 25 people not including ourselves!

We are so grateful for a great outdoor space with this house. We had cornhole, frisbee golf, crokinole set up on the screened in porch, and our new trampoline, and then a bonfire - fun for everyone and plenty of space!

Oh, and a little canoeing! This is what happens when grown men throw frisbee's waaaay too hard and they end up in the middle of the lake. You'd think it would be a kid to do this, but no... haha! Actually, they likely did it on purpose just to give us the fun of retrieving it!

The frisbee in the lake watchers

Frisbee golf!

We had a bunch of pallets to burn, so we had a HUGE bonfire. I think we burned through at least 10 pallets!

Our brand new summer time family gift - a trampoline! We had a very old handmedown one that couldn't survive the move to Willow house, and we've been saving ever since to get another one! Thanks to a timely online sale, we were able to get it in time for the party!

We ate burgers, hot dogs, the kids all played (and played and played!) and we had a really great time together!

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