Monday, May 11, 2015

Brian's Birthday

Mothers Day was shared this year with Brian's birthday, so we had a sort of dual celebration day! We had nothing big planned  - we had a big group party last week (on Brooks' bday), so this was just pretty low key.

I woke up early to make Brian breakfast before church - his fave, breakfast burritos. And I foiled his plan, because he planned to get up early and make me eggs for breakfast - but he thought he'd be up before me, because he usually is, so I won that one;-)

The kids in Youth Group sang happy birthday to "Byron", after church we grabbed lunch at Jersey Mike's (subs), on our way to the Nottaway house. The kids picnicked on the lawn while we showed the house to a few different people - and we found new renters! The current renters will be out the end of the month, and new people coming in June. Sad to lose our "long lost cousins" (the Lehman's) as renters, as they were such the perfect tenants, but they wanted a better school district for their twins, as they will not be homeschooling anymore. I suspected that was inevitable - the school district in that area is not great (and definitely one of the main reasons we homeschooled as well - we kinda had no option!). We've actually never had tenants with kids before - probably just due to the size of the house (2 bdrm). They adore the house and the neighbourhood, and us! And are very sad to go. Anyway, we made short work of getting it rented once again. It's been a real blessing - found renters within a week of placing the ad - which has been our typical experience.
Nottaway livingroom and the dining room/office beyond it
On the way home Brian announced that he and the kids would go "forage for food" for dinner and that he was cooking. I had thought I would make Thai food for him (he loves it!), but he was insistent on the "foraging", so I let them have their fun:-) So then it was nap time! We slept, and really - who doesn't love a good nap?! So relaxing. Then Brian and the kids went shopping, and came home and made an AMAZING dinner! Everything on the grill...
Steak (burgers for kids)
asparagus wrapped in foil and grilled in butter (this was probably the best part?! So good!)
onions and mushroom grilled in foil to go with the steak
veggie kabobs, grilled
And a fresh salad

It was SO delicious, it was incredible! Then it was time for the Rangers to play, and thankfully they won, but we were nervous there for awhile!

It was such a nice family day, really low key, which is just the way we like it!
Blowing out his candles!

The kids found this for Daddy:-)

This was Brian's gift this year - we gave it to him early so it could be played at the big party last week. Frisbee golf! I found this really quality one at Costco - for a HUGE discount compared to regular price (I checked amazon for product reviews while in the store before I bought it, and realized what a savings it was). Brian loves to play this game, so a really fun addition for backyard or beachtime play!

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