Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. For us, one of our main sources was, and still is, pop culture. Most run of the mill everyday moms and dads don't pick names as creative as those you can find in "popular places" why is that? The news of the newest Royal baby has me checking my internet every day - just in case:-) I am sure I will not find any names they choose to suit my tastes - but they get a pass, being Royalty and all.

This is where we found inspiration for our kids names:

David and Victoria Beckham had baby boy in 1999, named Brooklyn - after New York City's Brooklyn. I always thought it was cool. So did Brian. Though we never discussed it until about 2005 when pregnant with Kenna. We went with Brooklyn for our first son because Brian liked it best, so I let him "pick":-)
Brooklyn Beckham

Lleyton Hewitt is a tennis player and was quite good/popular in the late 90's early 00's. I'd always loved the sound of the name Lleyton, but didn't love Leighton - as I mentally always correct it to Lee-ton, and Layton was blah, lacking "something". The spelling of his name transfixed me, and it became my favourite. (I've already written about Greg House bringing us from Greyson to Gregory)
Lleyton Hewitt
And with Kenna, no inspiration was really needed, but we'll attribute some:-) Since Kennedy was my maiden name it was always my "gimme" girls name, and thankfully Brian never had any objections and really likes the name. We came up with Kenna as a cutesy 'little girl' nickname, and it suits her well. But now that she knows there was a President Kennedy who was murdered, well nothing compares to that. She believes she was definitely named after the President, and that in fact, we all were. I need to introduce her to the graceful beauty of the President's wife, someday. Hopefully she can draw inspiration from her style and manner.
Jackie Kennedy

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