Friday, April 10, 2015

Tea Party!

Finally, we had a chance to re-do Kenna's birthday tea party - that we had to cancel because she got the stomach flu. We did an abbreviated version - tea party only, and only with the "girls" from the family we had initially invited over. So, 2 girls and their mom:-)

Kenna/Grace "look alike" cookies

Little strawberry shortcakes

Salted Caramel ice cream in a chocolate bowl

Happy tea party! We served three kinds of tea - Bengal Spice (a decaf Chai), a flowering tea that was Peach Jasmine, and then Sleepytime Vanilla (a "regular" flavour that I thought they'd all like - I was right, though, they tried them all!)
 A good time was had by all! The kids loved participating in something so real, and fancy.
Kenna got enough money in March to buy Grace Thomas, American Girl of the Year! Brian and I paid the extra money for the dolls ear piercing and the novel of Grace's story for Kenna's birthday gift.

She loves that doll

Putting a flower in Grace's hair
For the tea party, I got down the heirloom pieces that I have for us to use. Actually the first time we'd used them since we've been married. The first time Kenna had ever seen everything (I keep it packed away in remote cupboards so it doesn't get broken), and she was very impressed at all our pretty things.

I let her use "her" teacup for the party - the one she will specifically inherit, from her Great Great Grandma, Ruby Haas. This teacup is one I was given, after her death on August 1, 1990. Great Grandma's birthday was March 31, 1912. Things were randomly assigned/given by my Grandma, and, now that I have a daughter with a March birthday too, well, it's just too perfect!
Pictured: Kenna's Great Great Grandma, Ruby Haas' teacup and autograph books. 

The teacup is displayed on some hardanger lace, made by Ruby's daughter, my Grandma, Clarene Shantz. Also, in the background is a picture of my favourite flowers, painted by my Grandma Shantz.

Kenna's very first heirloom piece from her Great Great Grandmother

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