Sunday, November 16, 2014

Picture Day Prep

Well, picture day came and went...with no pictures! We got all ready for the day with haircuts
Grey: Before

My friend Elizabeth cuts hair - she gave up her salon job, and comes to your house. SOLLLLLD! She does all our hair now, conveniently for me - whenever it suits us:-) 
Grey: After! We got Brooks trimmed up too, from his cut last July
But on the day, it was WAY too cold to get pics taken, without full winter gear on. So we had to postpone. Boooooo. But next weekend the weather will be better:-)

On the way home from soccer, I saw this really picturesque place - and decided I'd like pics here someday! It's on a golf course, I wonder if we can get in! But pretty gorgeous...maybe next year.

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