Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bible Quizzing

Kenna has been asked to join the Bible Quizzing team representing our church at this years Bible Quiz (Jan '15). She is excited...but nervous! She has lots of studying to do, and will be coached once a week with her "teammates". Her version is NKJV,
Brian was also a Bible Quizzer (something I am actually very unfamiliar with, so I am interested to see how this works! I picture something like a mixture between a spelling bee, and Family Fued...only about the Bible, of course;-)

Here is Kenna holding one of Daddy's trophies for inspiration! The trophy says:
Bible Quiz 92/93 - Gospel of Luke
B League - Eastern Section
High Quizzer - Brian Bolger

We enter a new world of word-perfect recitation, and facts, I'd imagine. Hang on to your hats! ;-)


  1. Oh, Kenna! Grandma is so proud of you. You will do so well and memorizing God's Word is the very best thing you can do.

  2. WOW! Our Bible quizzing here doesn't start until grade 6! It's going to be a fun ride ;0)