Monday, October 6, 2014

House Love

My favourite beach is in my favourite neighbourhood. It's not the best area, or the wealthiest. The houses might not be the biggest, or the "most amazing ever" but there is something about this neighbourhood that I just adore. I'm not really sure exactly what it is, but it's just captured me.

Every house is so unique, yet they all go together. Kind of like family I guess. There is so much personality in this neighbourhood, and yet, they all match.

One side of this house

The other side

I can honestly say having bright pink house would absolutely never fly with me. Except at the beach. Somehow, it's just perfect here.

Although many homes have similar features, like porches and balconies everywhere, no two are the same.

A teal house with lime green shutters and a rust brown door. You probably couldn't pay me to do that to my house. Unless it was this house. In which case, I can't imagine it any other way.

In any normal place, that brown would be gross. But this is not a normal place.

A stately blue and white house. I like dark blue houses;-)

Brian's boss lives in this neighbourhood. Which means even if parking is crazy (which it rarely is - not a tourist spot), we have a place to park. Advantage, us. ;-)

There is something about this area - is it the beach? Is it the beauty? Whatever it is - it makes this "cotton candy" house of pink and baby blue look super attractive!

I even love the "boring" earth tone homes
The architecture and angles make me reaaaaaally want to see what it's like inside:-)

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  1. Ah, SO pretty. I love that coastal architecture look. Totally my fave too.