Monday, October 13, 2014

Football updates

Brooks has been showing aptitude for the wide receiver/running back positions, and we've got word that he will play that position for the remainder of the season - as coach would like players to settle into a "routine" instead of trying out a variety of positions every game to find their best fit. He has really learned a lot from this experience! Here are a few clips of a game about 2 weeks ago, he is "hiking" the ball in every shot where that is happening, I believe. I have no idea what position that is :-)

I have learned - almost nothing. Haha! I am pretty clueless as to the positions and the plays on the field, although I like football, I guess I don't know as much about the mechanics of it as one should probably know, having a son in the game. So with that being said, this next video is all greek to me. I actually don't know if what he's talking about makes even an ounce of sense;-) It's a little long, just talking about all the plays they run, and which are his favourites. I could have edited down for time, but thought that one day he'll want to see this of himself - the plays he did (as he understands them anyway), in his first season.When he watched it back he said, "wow, I look a lot older than I feel". Which is funny, because it's what I think every time I see myself too;-)

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