Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines Craft

I will preface this by saying - Brian thought these were ridiculous. {Perhaps only because I made him help me fill and tie the bags}. I think they're adorable!

The kids had to give out Valentine's to EVERY ONE in their age grouping at the co-op we attend. So I needed SEVENTY Valentines. When I was pricing them out at Walmart, I realized this could cost me a little bit of money! So I decided to go the cheaper crafty route.

The reason it was cheaper for me, is that all I had to buy was the goldfish. I got a large box for $7. Everything else was close to free. Incidental crafting supplies. Popcorn I popped myself. And I used off brand ziploc snack sized baggies, and cut the "zip" part off. This was because, probably about 2+ years ago I bought 200 of these in error, and we seldom use this tiny size. I still have about 190 left. So I thought maybe I could start using them up. Brian thought this was a waste of money - but really - I think it's creative usage. Right? I think Brian was just looking for any out that he could come up with to get out of his "chore". It didn't work;-)

Well anyway, I think these are just perfect!

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