Friday, February 28, 2014


A few Really?!?!?! moments from last week. I visited a store on the day after it opened. It's a Harris Teeter, which is the nicest and most expensive grocery store in our area. They have about everything you need, but it's not known for everyday good pricing. They DO run nice coupon sales though.

Because they were doubling coupons up to $2, I was able to get this box of dye for 2.69! (It was already on sale, + $4 off from the coupon +10% off from store opening promotion)
 This blew my mind though. Regular, plain ol' cupcakes. With nothing on them. $8 to buy and take them home to decorate. Wow. That was a whole $1 worth of baking supplies.
The closest we get to the Bulk Barn here. Notice the "whopping good sale" These are normally 9.99 p/lb. WHAT?! For some 'unknown reason' my children have never, and will never experience the joy of filling up their own bag of candy. Haha.

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