Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well, I don't watch the news much, but I have a feeling global warming is "so last year". Bring on the polar ice caps! I haven't checked for the official records, but this year has been record breaking. In 2010, we had a storm that gave is 10", and that broke 30year long records...not sure if this one topped that storm of 2010 or not but...over all this winter has been worse than...any winter we've had since moving here in 2004. It's never been so cold, for so long, and then 2 "significant" dumps of snow...totally shoulda bought mittens. Haha.

Tuesday: School was let out early in preparation for the coming snow. Brian made it home for dinner, and enjoyed some Grey-Grey snuggles too.
At 5pm, it started to flurry. So at 5pm, there was no snow. At 10pm, there was about 3.5"
Wednesday: Brian calls the Broken Egg Bistro at 6am (location of his weekly men's breakfast). It would seem they are not open. Breakfast canceled. People started calling and texted for work. It's pretty much canceled. Got an email in from church. It's canceled for tonight too.

Things you forget about snow: How bright and reflective it is. Waking up in the night both Brian and I thought a light was on. It was just the snow outside.

Brian decided to head into work around 8am. He said the roads were very messy.
8am - we got about 8" in our front yard. It seems deeper in places, so not sure how the overall measuring should go. 8"-10" I'd say.

You can tell the part that is not frozen:-) The ice looks deceivingly thicker than it is. Kids beware.
The problem: I know that people up north laugh...and I do too:-) This is not a lot of snow in the grand scheme of it all. But here is the issue. No boots. No mitts. No vehicles (or tires) ready. No snow plows. When you are not prepared for snow in any amount, it is a big deal. And preparing for snow you almost never get is a waste of money. So laugh if you must. It is quite comical, really.
It's simply gorgeous
No ice scrapper? No problem. A broom and an old credit card do the trick:-)
Next year I'm going to have boots, snow pants, mittens, car stuff...and I won't even use it once, right?!

Our house in the snow

Brooks is the snow lover in the family:-)

I'm not going out there!

Cars2, "comf" blanket, and corn chips at 8:30am. Why not? It's a snow day!

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