Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fire and Really?!?

For Christmas this year we were given some money from the people that had our names with the option to buy a fire pit, or put it towards a barbeque (we've never had one, can you believe it?!). We have a really great yard and open space for entertaining, and either of those options would expand our yard and entertainment options! We decided to go with buying a barbeque (yet to purchase, hoping for a sale soon?)...and we were given a fire pit on Christmas Day, so I guess we made the right choice eh?
It's used, so not in perfect condition, but totally works for it's purpose. So now soon we'll be able to cook burgers AND roast marshmallows at the same time;-) (For the curious, I currently have a very large George Foreman countertop grill I use for anything "bbq" like burgers)
Today, we decided to test it out, as we had some excess sticks and branches that needed to go away.
Somehow this escalated into the realm of other things we needed to be rid of. Like extra boxes.

A hunter gatherer of branches and sticks to burn...distracted by our neighbours cute "blow ups" and other lawn decor

He found a branch!

Brian monitors the fire (notice the hose within reach? He made sure to keep all the dry leaves wet in the surrounding area:-), and Kenna and Brooks danced the happiest of dances...the thought of roasting marshmallows thrills them!
And now for another Really?!?! Pic
Apparently, Verizon overcharged us. By exactly one penny. I'm so glad they made that right. I hate tracking companies down and demanding my penny back. It's just so exhausting. Finally, a company that mails me a check and an apology letter, saving me the aggravation of having to call, and hold, and complain, and talk to a supervisor, and hold...ahhh. Now what to spend my penny on? I just can't decide... 
This is FIRST EVER, so I think it counts in the "Really?!?!" category. ICE. Real live ice, as the kids say. It rained, we had a puddle by the front walkway, and it froze overnight. Whoa. I'm not joking here, this is pretty significant! The kids skated on it and everything

And it was super pretty, too.

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