Saturday, March 9, 2013

Laptops, Teeth, Gymnastics

Randomness - as I'm always prone to...

This is a funny sight to me I guess...are we like a computer store or something?!
1: Our computer 2: Kari's new computer (delivery gal here!) 3: Brian's work computer 4: Our old computer that doesn't really work anymore but there is 1 program I need on it (Quickbooks), so sometimes we have to coax it along.
Kenna lost her 3rd tooth!! She's got 2 more loose ones in there. Brooks is quite beside himself that he hasn't lost one yet;-)
Kenna and Brooks, on Friday - showing off some daring moves on their gymnastics rings. Knocking all the diapers and wipes to the wayside (on my diaper table) to accomplish these daring feats:-D

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