Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are You...?

Yesterday Brian was able to sneak away from work early to take Kenna to the dentist. This saved me a lot of work by not having to bring all the kids + Ardyn.

After the 4pm appointment, he had to go back to work (he's been on a night job recently), but he said he would be home probably around 7:30...
The dentist said a sneeze will knock out a loose front tooth, so take pics while we can!
I texted him after he left - "I'll make you Thai food when you get home". The reason for the text was twofold - I didn't want him to eat while at work, and I wanted him to hurry home (he looooves Thai food). It was basically just a kind gesture since he's been working so hard and did me a favour with the dentist thing...

So I made Caramel Chicken, which is a Cheesecake Factory recipe knockoff, actually. It's Thai-ish. It's GOOD. Anyway, kids are in bed sleeping, it's 8pm, and the food is 10mins away from being ready and he comes into the kitchen and says...

"Do you have to tell me something? You're not pregnant, are you?"

To which I said...
"No. Why?"

"I just thought you might be buttering me up with my favourite food for something big and I wasn't sure what it could be, and I didn't want to have a bad reaction, soooo..."

LOL. So much for trying to be nice, I made him nervous:-)

I guess I need to make him a nice meal more often. HAHA. Although I have never yet employed this method to break news to him, so I thought it was hilarious that he would be suspicious of my good intentions:-D

My usual method backfires...

Usually I talk for a solid 5 minutes about how much I loooooove this one thing, and how I've allllllllways wanted to do it, and how I am going to ask a question and I reaaaaallly hope the answer is yes because it would make me the happiest *ever*. In. My. Whole. Life. No. Joke.

(Yes, this was a real conversation. My flair for drama knows no bounds. And Brian later said he had mentally determined to say yes, no matter what I asked.)

"Can I paint the bedroom furniture?"

(Mental determination obviously has it's exceptions)

"No way. It's real wood!"


Next time, I'll try Thai food - maybe that will get me a better result;-)

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