Sunday, November 11, 2012

Posting Enough?

I feel like I haven't been posting as much, or taking many pictures recently :-/ We've been busy beavers trying to work on our house! Painting painting and more painting!! I'm telling you what! I am glad our house is not 1 square foot larger than it is - it's too big to paint! There are so many nooks, crannies, and windows! (The house is about 2000 square feet not including the garage, we live on the main floor only which is about 1200sq ft).
Painting windows and trim, and vinyl wrapping

Vinyl wrap looks soooo great! (the big white sections above Brian's head) Now for all the windows....errggg. I hate wooden windows!

The dormers are next on the list - this week/next weekend should see them finished too!

It looks like a war zone back here! The back porch is obviously down now, siding repair is done. Still a little wood needs to be added (where the porch roof was). First coat is now done, and almost all the cutting in has happened. Can you see Brian up on the roof? Our roof is barely walkable, the pitch is very steep. As he's going up there, he says "This is how people die". :-/ Well thankfully, he do it all again another day:-D

Very tediously washing, and cutting in

Shed side, looking pretty good...
We love the colour so so much! We decided on a door colour, and perhaps it was not unanimous...but it's done!...I think I'm going to wait on a "big reveal" post before I show the pics of that. Oh the suspense;-) We just need to finish up all the little stuff and do another coat on the back, and put up some white shudders and stuff. I CAN'T WAIT until this is all done. :-)

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