Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Fun

People Brian has been compared to, looks wise: He just has one of those faces that everyone feels the need to comment on. "Did you know you look like ______", or "Hey, I think I know you! We went to school together!" uuuuh, nope. That is not even a possibility, since he was homeschooled and not in this state! Too funny. He just reminds everyone of everyone else.

Maybe it's all the Irish people look similar or something. I think it's pretty fun, and funny too! Here are the "look alikes"...
Mark Wills

Gerard Butler

Lead guy from Mumford & Sons

Rob Lowe

Flynn Rider


  1. ha! I totally see Rob Lowe. Definitely.

  2. I'd say Rob Lowe is the most common comparison he gets...he's been compared to him since the 90's! I personally think he's a dead ringer for Flynn Rider

  3. yes that was my next one! I can see both. that's awesome!