Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Memorial for Evie

Well, it's been an emotional week...lack of posts due mostly to just being busy:-/
An ornament Sarah for everyone to hang on their tree this Christmas

Today was Evie Caris Rieke's burial and memorial. The memorial was...oddly, really good. For as awful as something like this is, it was pretty perfect. I was pretty much crying the whole time - Sarah spoke, there was lots of music from Josh & others, and Pastor Dave gave a message that was so fitting and wonderful. Although heart wrenching and full of terrible sadness in the here and now, there was such beauty, hope, gratefulness and grace present. On display for all to see. My favourite moments of the day just had to be when Sarah was talking about her little girl. I am literally crying again right now just thinking of it.

I could only pray that if God should ever trust me with such a situation and such grief, that I would handle it half as well.

I got to be involved in a small way - towards making this a beautiful day for Evie. Sarah asked me to make her a ladybug cake for the memorial. The theme was butterflies and ladybugs:-), and then I was also tasked with aiding in the baking, setup and decor of the dessert table. I wish I had a picture of it all set up...perfectly gorgeous!

With a butterfly kiss
and a ladybug hug
sleep tight little one
like a bug in a rug
Some tags for the sugar cookie ladybugs, we had a few different ones. Even Brian did his part to help me make these!
 I don't have any finished pics of the cake. I finished the cake on site, putting it on the proper display plate and then did chocolate icing "beading" around the bottom to complete it! I know they got professional pics of it, but here are some I took on my phone to text people involved a sneak peak.
Miss Ladybug. Her face is done, but she's missing some spots still:-)

The colours for the day were pink and brown:-)
Sad days that also give hope. It's a really weird thing to have heart ache and have your heart soar, all at the same time. Praying so much for all the dear people grieving right now

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