Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day, again - Video

Well, I sort of feel like if I wanted it to snow this much in my winters...I'd still live up north. Last night we were treated to some more heavy wet snow. And school was canceled of course. The snow is almost gone now, at 3:30pm, so it was very short lived. Kenna had to go outside and play in it right away...
Cleaning off the car for me!
Kenna brought in a little snowball for Grey. Of course all he did was eat it:-)
Snow Days are perfect Craft Days! - See my little contained mess - it's only on the stove! Valentines for the kids classmates at church:-)
The {sweet} little end result. Don'tcha love it?

Here is a little clip of Grey, eating his very first snowball!
And here is the boy who thinks video games are more awesomer than snow (see the Kids Kwotes on the Right hand sidebar of blog)...playing a little sword fighting (his fave).

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